Like we always do at this time…

If ye aren’t singing the next line, please click here asap 🙂
Anyone who has heard of the song but not of the establishment, please keep reading!


The Good Life Eatery  is a hidden gem in London’s rather beautiful west side…I also feel this is a rather G post haha. Anywho, the Good Life is located on Sloane Avenue, a five minute stroll from South Kensington station.
For someone like myself who is allergic to dairy and wheat, it is a safe haven as most of the menu caters to my intolerances/annoyances. Everything from chia seed pudding and acai bowls, to sweet potato kale salads and cauliflower quinoa burgers…and I am hungry again haha 🙂


On this occasion, both myself and my fellow boss lady, Nicole, ordered the “Open – Faced Salmon Avocado”. This tasty dish of teriyaki salmon and avocado comes on a slice of toasted rye bread, sprinkled in sesame seeds and chilli. (DF, WF)
This is delicious, as in mouth-watering stuff! I am genuinely surprised it lasted long enough to take the photographic evidence of its existence haha.
As we were so full of chats and had no intentions of leaving, we naturally ordered dessert. There is quite the selection available; brownies, muffins, cakes…you name it!
We both (yup I know ha) opted for the “Blueberry Muffins” (DF, GF). Accompanied with a cup of breakfast tea and a dash of soya milk (almond also available), it was the perfect way to finish of the evening.
This has only been my second time here and it will certainly not be my last! I plan on working my way down through the menu, trusting that I will not be disappointed. The Good Life needs to be experienced be everyone, whether you have special dietary requirements or not, this foodie heaven is just that…HEAVEN ❤

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