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Today is Tuesday and it is 30 degrees celcius in Boston.

After that extended Winter…yes it was snowing on April 1st…this sunshine is much appreciated and deserved.

Due to the most random of circumstances, I am on my holidays until April 24th so making the most of this time.

Yesterday, Monday April 10th, 5 of us…3 guys 2 gals, 4 North 1 South…headed on a little ole adventure to Springfield, MA.

In the morning when we first arrived

Six Flags New England is one of the 21 Six Flags Theme Parks dotted around the globe, including China and the UAE.

Featuring some incredible rollercoasters, rides, funfair games and not to mention the Looney Tunes’ themes activities, this Warner Bros. Adventure Park is definitely one not to miss.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 09.32.29

Season Pass: Gold Edition

After finding out last week, we immediately started to plan activities.

Knowing the weather was expecting to reach 24 on Monday, no better place to be!

Six Flags were running an introductory offer on their Season Passes.

Usually a Day Pass is $64 and a Gold Edition Season Pass is $179.99…

So yeah we only paid $64 for the Gold Edition Season Pass

Essentially have free entry, free parking and many more incredible perks as listed above, until the end of the year.

That offer ended on Sunday but there are more offers on their website now so be sure to check them out!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 09.54.01.png


It is less than 2 hours from Boston, which in America is only down the road.

You can get a Peter Pan or a Greyhound bus to the park also but it works out so much cheaper reserving a Zipcar for the day.

Essentially this is a car sharing service, that allows you to reserve a car for an hour or a day, through an app on your phone.

Through State Street, I get a massive employee discount so my annual membership works out at $35, but even if it cost more, I would sign up!

We reserved the car for 12 hours, picked it up in our apartment garage, drove to Six Flags and back, no petrol/gas needed, insurance covered and can monitor the whole cost/time extension through the app…and at less than half the price each of a bus fare.

Plus the freedom of coming and going when you like, being able to leave stuff in the car and control of the tunes...Hip Hop the whole way...was an added bonus πŸ™‚

“Never gotten so many rides in one day”

Haha v bold but sure look

I genuinely have zero pictures from yesterday!

My phone spent the day in my bag, apart from when we first arrived and when we were leaving…sign of a social day out πŸ™‚

So most of these pictures are screenshots of Snapchat pictures and videos so thank you to a certain Newry man for sending on his story and making me realise that I play with my hair more than should be socially acceptable/legal haha

Yes I am wearing a top…its a halter neck bodysuit…which I probably shouldn’t wear again haha

The first ride of the day was The Goliath.

Rated as a serious thrill on the scale, this coaster was CLASS!!

The twists and turns were scary enough without taking off backwards, being flung and suspended in the air before going forwards at 72 miles per hour…it was insane!

When you are suspended, looking down at the ground some 160 feet below, realising that the only thing between you and that concrete is a black harness…adrenaline haha.

We went on this about 4 times…the front was the best…and it was definitely my favourite!!

Next up was The Wicked Cyclone.

No pictures of this but this was a favourite by others and equally thrilling.

Harness across your lap, squeezing your quads and making you regret the morning run you squeezed in before the trip, this wasn’t leg dangling like the first but still felt uneasy.

Would highly recommend!!

My third favourite was Blizzard River.

This was a water ride where depending on where you sit in the 8 person raft, will decide on your level of soakage…that make sense?? haha

Basically I escaped with minor splash marks, where as the lads…drowned!!

It was way more fun seeing everyone’s faces as we moved around the crazy rough rapids and through the dark waterfall tunnels.

I actually loved this one πŸ™‚


Tips and Advice

It was well worth the trip and I cannot wait to return!!

Few bits of advice if you are thinking of going:

  • Bring empty water bottles
    • There are water fountains everywhere, next to the restrooms, so instead of forking out $3 for a bottle of Dasani…so much better to just keep refilling your own.
  • Hand Sanitiser
    • Even though the bathrooms are actually surprisingly clean, I would keep using this stuff coming on and off the rides and playing all the theme park games.
  • Lunch
    • In fairness they had a mexican stand which catered to my avo obsession and in general the food range available was quite broad but not cheap!
    • I brought loads of snacks too, sure whats new, but definitely a plus.
  • Lockers
    • There are lockers to put your stuff in throughout the park as some rides don’t allow you to leave your belongings on the side.
    • These are $1 per two hours so bring dollar bills…as card does not work in some.
  • Cash Monies
    • There is an ATM but it has a $5 charge so bring cash with you as the Activities and Games cost between $2 and $10 a go…the prizes are cool though..check out the Bugs Bunny Basketball above.
  • Quiet Day
    • We chose a Monday as we were off and the weather was class. This meant the queues were non existent!! The thought of going back on a Saturday/Sunday or a time when kids are off school…NAH haha.
    • We were spoiled with how quiet it was, the lack of queues and being able to secure front row in any ride we wanted, without delay.
    • I would recommend going on a day like this for maximum use and enjoyment.


Here is my little post all about Six Flags.

Short and sweet but hopefully informative enough!

I genuinely had the best day and never laughed so much.

Going in a group where everyone wants to go on every ride made it so enjoyable and super easy…most rides were 2’s or 4’s but it just meant we all took turns in making new friends haha…be it most half of size and season veterans.

Back tomorrow with another post…number 37 to be exact!

Nearly at 40 and I don’t know where the time had gone ❀

Until next time,



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