Frickin Laser Beams

Yeah Baby

Okay enough of the movie quotes…the title genuinely has ties to the theme of today’s post

Before I get into it, 4 years ago today, these photo’s were taken…

Got my roster for the week and filled my tank…achievement as I absolutely hate putting in petrol!! Not parting with the money, just the effort


So the picture above is of me on the night of my 22nd Birthday…almost three years ago :/

Yes it is very blurry haha but it is the only one of me by myself so thought best to pop this one up regardless of the quality.

July 7th…7/7 handy when living state side…was three days before I got…

Laser Eye Surgery

Yes I used to wear glasses, they were purple and Prada and I adored them!!

To be perfectly honest my prescription was -2.0 in my right eye and -1.75 in my left eye so this procedure wasn’t to cure ‘blindness’ or anything of the sort.

My muscles in my eyes were lazy…yes one very inactive part of me…my eyes were quite dry and I would get headaches from my eyes re-focusing between the Lecture Hall Screens to looking back down at my notes.

When I went on Placement...June 2013 – December 2013, can read all about that here…my eyes were in bits after being at a computer all day and it was then when I was adamant I wanted to research and undergo this procedure.


About a month before my procedure, I visited the Doctors at Optilase Clinic on Opera Lane in Cork for a consultation.

After asking around and doing some online research, I chose here as I felt happy with the feedback and felt safe in the hands of these particular doctors.

As I was already a client of Therapie downstairs…hello laser hair removal…I would also get 10% discount. When you are talking 4k plus…that is substantial!!

On this particular Friday, I went in and sat down. I was greeted by the friendliest nurse who then introduced me to my Ophthalmologist.

He answered all of my questions…I had a few, they are my eyes after all, pretty handy for  living…he put a few drops in my eyes to dilate them and test for dryness, checked the health of my eyes and then talked about his upcoming holiday with his fiancé to Costa Rica…was v jealous not going to lie.

Pupils fully dilated I remember walking into Brown Thomas to get more Nespresso pods for my machine and wondering why everything was so bright and why the Sales Assistant looked terrified by my appearance.

The munchkin modelling the Purple Pradas.

Lead Up

It wasn’t long until the time rolled around and it was the week I would be under the knife/laser.

The night before I went to a Hurling match to try and distract me from the morning’s events as to be honest I was quite nervous.

Next morning up at 7am, trying to eat but still very nervous, left the house in time to make my 8am appointment.

Arrive in to be asked did I was some coffee and chocolate to which I politely rejected as I didn’t need any stimulants haha.

8am I am taken into the pre-theatre to do a quick eye check; read the charts, check health and put in drops.

Then I am given XANAX


It was magical 😀 haha

The nurse ensured me it was totally safe and would calm me down…she was right, that nurse was amazing haha

Procedure…not Surgery

Before I knew it, I was lead into the theatre where it was all about to go down.

There was a bed in the centre of the room, the surgeon…who came down from Dublin…Yup I am a Princess…and two wonderful nurses.

I lay down on the bed, they put a gown over me and began squeezing anaesthetic drops into my eyes faster than I could blink…all the while chatting about my ‘weekend plans‘.

Science Fact: The cornea is so porous that it soaks up all of the anaesthetic drops, completely numbing your entire eye…scary but cool no?!

Then it was time for the actual procedure…

They moved the head of the bed…base was stationary... to the left under the first machine.

The surgeon covered my left eye with a patch and placed a clamp over my right eye to ensure this stayed open.

I was then instructed to stare up at the black dot…for 12 seconds…only 12.

This is where the laser cuts a flap on the surface of your eye.

At the time…oh by the way I was chatting the whole time haha fully awake :D…I was told that this flap was flipped off my eye and left on the side…I just remember my vision being blurry while the flap was off on my face.

They then swivelled me over to the second machine.

This is where the laser improves your vision.

I was told to stare at the flickering flame for 15 seconds…again only 15.

I tried so hard not to blink and on my second go, it worked 😀

The first time I blinked and the laser shut off…science eh.

12 + 15 + swivel time = less than a minute

He then moved onto the left eye, and repeated the procedure…again in under a minute.

Once complete on both eyes, they placed some more drops in both my eyes and I was told to get off the bed and walk down the corridor.

YES…less than 60 seconds after the treatment…I was using my eyes and walking down a corridor…by myself.

Back into the Eye Test Room I had been in less than 10 minutes previous, the surgeon did one last eye check before handing me a bag of Eye Drops and instructions for each.

I was also gifted the sexiest pair of goggles you have ever seen and instructed to wear them every night in bed for 3-4 weeks to make sure I didn’t rub my eyes and upset the flap before it had fully healed.

For the rest of the day…it was only 9am…I had to keep my eyes closed for as long as possible as the first 12-18 hours after theatre were the best for healing time.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 20.40.23

Yes this is me….about 4 hours after the procedure…unaware of my sister taking videos and pictures of me in my sorry state.

If I could add a video to this I would…over the embarrassment at this stage haha


She was clearly having the craic sending selfies from my phone haha

That night at 10:30 I opened my eyes to check my phone and already they felt pretty good.

I was still dosed from all the medicine and anaesthetic but the grittiness had gone down and my vision was so clear.

The following morning I returned for my first check up.

The surgeon had returned to Dublin but my ophthalmologist was over the moon with my recovery and asked me to return a few weeks later.

State of my nails :/

The day after that…Procedure Thursday, Check Up Friday…on the Saturday, I was in Páirc Uí Chaoimh watching a Cork match.


Loving life with prescription glasses and being able to wear sunnies without squinting.

I did suffer from serious tan lines though…


One week later, I was happier than ever!

Even if that meant not being allowed wear mascara or any eye make up for at least 4 weeks post laser surgery…


Advice from a ‘Been there, done that’…

Getting Laser Eye Surgery was the best thing I have ever done!!

When they say it is life changing, it truly is…not even being dramatic.

I have genuinely never looked pun intended haha

I know it is very costly and my friends joked that it would have been cheaper to get my boobs done…it would have been and I’d have had spare change haha…but the price of contacts/frames and the cost of headaches/awkwardness were nothing in comparison to the benefits of life after the surgery.

Economics folks…bitta Cost Benefit Analysis…works a charm

You can get 20% back through VHI and 20% Tax back…and 10% if you have gotten a body part lasered like me…no regrets there either!!

Do not under any circumstances look at a YouTube video as they are terrifying and nobody needs to witness those!!

I promise you there was zero pain and it isn’t like a scene from Final Destination.

I would love to say I came to my senses at this age too but was definitely wearing rose tinted spectacles for a while after this…even if the eyes beneath had improved.

Hope this post was informative and helped anyone thinking about going ahead and getting this done.

My nana was the major player in this and having had it done herself, I knew there was nothing to be afraid of.

If you have any questions, please feely free to contact me via this or message me on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 21.51.46

Same handle for the below…

Snapchat: jessiejay92

Twitter: jessiejay92

Until next time,




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