390 minutes

That is how many minutes I have to kill tonight flying from Boston to London Heathrow and then onto the People’s Republic of Ireland…sure we keep the place afloat hehe.

I am all checked in at this point and I got the Upper Deck…can we take a moment here please??!

I am on the First Floor of an aeroplane

I feel like the biggest baller and I am in Economy but like how frickin’ cool???

I am very excited!!

Can you tell? haha

Anyways, as I prepare for my 390 minutes of Ballerdom…more than likely by some crying baby or getting kicked in the back by another Upper Deck passenger…I wanted to share what I bring in my handbag item for such a long journey.

As it is an overnight flight I have high hopes to snooze through the sky but this has never worked out for me before so expectations are low…in saying that, new deck new me?

This white set…pre getting bashed around the world

Long Haul

I shall be checking in my big white suitcase, carrying on the smaller white suitcase and putting my handbag inside of this backpack…

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.48.39

Click here to get all the deets about this faux leather beaut.

As I shall be trucking a few bits, I prefer to have a backpack instead of my Longchamp tote for the airport…hence this larger than needed accessory.

Now to what shall be going inside…


Very important indeed!

Purse, Card Holder and Passport…won’t be going very far without these.

My poor battered looking Mulberry purse…the lighting makes it look worse…has all of my cards I rarely use, cash and some momentos that I could never throw away.

My Card Holder was a gift from me to me the day after my Graduation.

It carries my Driver’s Licence, my Charlie Card, Credit Card, Massachusetts ID and Debit Card.

In Boston, bars and clubs don’t accept any form of Irish ID other than a Passport, which is too dangerous to take out so having a Mass ID is essential here.

My Passport Holder was a gift from my fave in London and can be purchased here.


I am one of those people that puts everything in pouches in larger bags…thats just how I roll.

This particular pouch, purchased for £5 in Camden Market, contains all of the medicine you will ever need and more.


Also a nail file too apparently.

Motilium cannot be purchased in the USA as it the main drug is not FDA approved.

Outrageous I know…it is the best pill I have ever popped!

NyQuil is also in there and a few other life necessities but sure I am sure you get the picture.


I won’t be wearing any makeup on the flight and will be cleansing, toning and popping an overnight hydration mask on before I go to the airport.

An aeroplane is THE worst environment for your skin!!

All of that recycled air, germs and breathing…sorry I sound crazy but it isn’t pleasant…plays havoc on your body, especially your skin…the body’s largest organ!

I like to keep hydrated by topping up my eyes with some refreshing cream, some Argan Facial Oil and my favourite lip butter.


Speaking of keeping cleansed in such a toxic environment…

Okay yes three hand sanitisers is very much over the top but I have an obsession!!

The NOIR scent is most definitely my favourite…it smells like men’s aftershave…like a really hot one…mmm haha.


Tissues ‘cos LIFE

This Smythson notebook is always in my bag, regardless of the size.

Call me old fashioned but there is nothing like using an actual pen and paper to jot down lists or ideas.

You can tell I have a favourite pen too can’t you??

Yeah can’t bate a fine, dry pen so yeah can’t

That is as culchie as I will ever get…EVER


I don’t read novels, I read “Life-Changing” paperbacks

For this reason, I like to re-read certain books or re-visit a particular chapter

I am nearly finished the one on the right and the one on the left…I like to have with me for some reason.

Never claimed to be normal…quirks a plenty


Again with the pouches xD

Hello World ‘cos I am nerdy like that and it has polka dots and it is the perfect size to hold my cables.

Bluetooth earphones are my gym must have and are quite comfy for travel.

I got these on sale on Amazon a few months back but definitely check them out as they have great sound quality, long battery life and charge in no time.


My two favourite Vegan Organic Protein Bars!!

I am such a snacker and get hangry when I can’t find anything that suits my nuisance diet so I am always carrying snacks in my bag.

This Probiotic Kombucha is LIFE!!

If you haven’t tried it, please do as the health benefits are incredible and according to one of my favourite people in the world who tried some last week…

Jess, this tastes like Cider…Yum!

A healthy Bulmers?! Too far?? haha


My tummy goes crazy on flights!!

A mixture of the cabin pressure, the lack of movement and the uncomfortable position…my tummy hurts and bloats like crazy!!

This happen anyone else?

To help soothe this discomfort, I swear by Moroccan Mint tea and simply as the Cabin Crew for some hot water.

Sipping on this certainly helps calm it down…this and plenty of water and a Motillium.


Last but not least, my sunglasses.

I fell in love with these last November and just had to purchase.

Not cheap but an investment…especially after forking out so much for the theme of yesterday’s post.

Getting off a long haul flight, arriving into London at the dawn and waiting around for my connection, yes I am one of those people who wear these for a while.

Airport lighting can be so harsh and when I am wrecked, these are my saviour!!

Plus I wouldn’t put expensive items in my Check-In bag so these shall always be on my person.


Only one more day until I get to squeeze the above…and the below…


Today is a very Good Friday!

Gym, BPM for Overnight Oats and an Americano, then to enjoy my last few hours in Beantown before heading to Logan Intl.

You have just finished reading Day 39 of 40, which means tomorrow is the final day of this challenge.

Cannot believe how quickly this time has gone and perfect lead up to heading home for a little break.

Until next time,



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