Life begins at 40

This post was scheduled to go live 2am EST time/ 7am GMT…same time as the last 39 posts…give or take a few Saturdays.

As I am up in the clouds, let us hope WordPress didn’t fail me 🙂

I cannot believe this is Day 40 of 40.

I am writing this in advance as the next few days will be hectic so I can’t fully celebrate but knowing I have completed this challenge has made me quite proud…or just proves how stubborn I am…the latter, most definitely the latter.

I have tagged the past 39 posts below along with some of the featured images.

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I have written recipes, rambles, reviews and revealed way more about myself than I ever intended!!


I chose to take on this tough task the same week I registered for the San Fran Half Marathon and set up this Just Giving page to raise money for Marymount Hospice.

Read the full post here, day 5 of 40.

Please donate anything you can by clicking the button below.

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Safe to say a lot has happened since Ash Wednesday on March 1st…am I the only one who whispers wed-nes-day when spelling this??

40 Facts for 40 Days

As a final sprint to round off this marathon of a challenge, I have jotted down 40 facts about Jess…me…who is currently sporting an Origins Charcoal face mask and singing Dua Lipa songs


Jessica Jay Looney

Yes this is my full name and not made up.

Jessie J the singer has a middle name…but it isn’t J, it is Ellenyes I researched haha

My mommah thought it would be ‘cool‘ to have my initial as my middle name.

To be honest the only reason I started using it was due to FaceBook.

When I started college/Uni/UCC, I got my first part time job in a Nightclub as a Bartender.

Our names were printed on the end of the receipts of the people we served.

Sunday mornings were CREEP CENTRAL!!

Hahaha genuinely not trying to make out I am worthy of the volume of creeping that took place but it called for a name change on Facebook from Jess Looney to…

Jessie Jay

My family and school friends have always called me Jessie but when I was 13 I thought Jessie was so childish haha so I kept calling myself Jess and the rest is history.

Wow quite a long one to start but sure what’s new…



Sleeping Pattern

As strange as this sounds, for as long as I can remember, I have always slept on the side of the bed nearest the door.

In a past life, I must have been murdered in a room because I cannot sleep unless it is the side closest to the exit…through the door.

Not that I have slept in many beds now haha lets get straight here but whether it is my own bed…Cork, Newry, New York, London, Boston…or in hotels, I get my 40 winks on this side.

So just in case someone is reading this and we happen to fall asleep in the same room…you may be shoved from your side 😀


Favourite Movie

When I am not myself or just want to watch a movie that will cheer me up I always put on one of my favourites.

Finding Nemo or Good Will Hunting

I know they are completely different and don’t relate on any scale but I adore them equally!!

I also love A Beautiful Mind and The Imitation GameNerd Theme



I don’t wear much at all but I feel strange if I don’t have studs in my ears, and my two silver rings on my left hand.

From a far, it looks like a knuckle duster I am sure but they are from two different shops, one in Dublin and one in London…one costing 96 yoyos and the other on sale at £8.

If you don’t know what I am on about, the below may help you picture it.



 First alcoholic beverage

When I was a young teen, like 14, I had this idea in my head that being 18 and going out drinking was so cool and I couldn’t wait…excuse me 14 year old Jess??

My mum used say that it wasn’t all it is cracked up to be and she didn’t drink as she didn’t like being drunk and would rather spend the money on clothes…Agnes I feel you girl!

So my Mum poured me a shot of OUZO…a Greek Alcohol…and told me to taste it and let her know how cool alcohol was then…

Safe to say that was one of the best life lessons I have ever learned!

I immediately changed my mind, couldn’t fathom why people drank that for fun, and to this day I have yet to forget that awful taste in my mouth.

So yes I have drank since then haha but at the end of a long day at work, I would chose a cup of tea over a glass of wine 7 days of the week.

I don’t like being drunk as it makes me very anxious and there are very few people in this world that I have drank with but I felt safe…London you were very bold but I enjoyed every moment ❤



I have three.

My ears pierced twice, two in either ear, and my belly button.

So when I was 12, the week after my Confirmation…yes very sacred act I know...I went into Raven in Cork City and got my belly button pierced.

I thought I was COLASSS!! haha

I genuinely loved it for years but then took it out in Final Year of my undergrad as I thought it was getting a bit tacky and I was over it…10 years later.

The hole never fully closes and I don’t like that you can still kinda see it but that is what happens when you think you are class when you are so not haha.



Pole Fitness

In the summer before college, I started Pole Fitness classes in Ballincollig.

I genuinely loved it and it was a great workout!!

A couple of week in and around 6 classes completed, I tore some tissue in my upper arm and damaged it pretty badly.

It was completely my own fault but it meant my right arm was out of action for a while and I couldn’t wash my hair or anything :/

To this day my right arm is weaker than my left, no matter how much training I do.

Last September while I was back in Newry for training…the above took place.

Seeing as there was a pole in the living room…would have been rude not to!


I failed my first driving test!

On July 16th 2012, I failed my driving test for the first time.

Within the first 40 seconds, I crossed a continuous white line and sure the next 45 minutes of my life went crashing down from there.

So what did I do??

I went to Monday Club and danced the embarrassment away…with some embarrassing dancing 🙂

I did however pass it on the second attempt!!


Curse of Links of London

So this particular jewellery brand and myself aren’t really friends…?!

Reasoning behind this theory…

Two different boys with the same name bought me the exact same charm bracelet from here on two different birthdays.



YES haha

I like flowers and cute cards…forget the bling!


Peonies are my favourite flowers!


I love Roses too!



Michael Owen obsession

Growing up in a house full of Liverpool FC supporters, I was bound to fall in love with one of the players.

Michael Owen was my number one crush growing up!

I had his posters on my wall, I had a LFC jersey with his face all over it that was brought back from the Official Club Shop and I used read The Sun newspaper just to see him on the back.

Feel free to judge!


Irish Dancing

I started Irish Dancing at a very young age and competed since I could just about walk.

I have a glass case with sliding doors showcasing all of my medals and trophies.

Yes, Agnes was a Dance Mom!


Christian Louboutin

I got my first ever pair of proper high end designer shoes for my 16th birthday from my nana.

It was all down hill from there!

By down hill, I mean the descent into saving every last cent and then splurging massively.

I don’t splurge very often as I am still a Grad…for two more months…but I believe if you work hard and you earn money, it is 100% yours to do with what you want!


I am 5 ft 6

I have been about this height since I was 14.

People seem to think I am small and petite but according to the stats…

Average height of a woman in the US is 5′ 4

Average height of a woman in Ireland is 5′ 4

Above average apparently

I can hear my mum saying…

Sure Jesus what’s new? Don’t you have to be above average at everything


UK 7 US 9

Yes for someone who isn’t very tall, I have large feet 😦

Making my Communion at 8 years of age, I wore UK 5 shoes…awful altogether.



I am no longer a confident swimmer.

My Grandad was a member of the Royal Lifesaving of Ireland and all of my family have either taught swimming lessons to kids or Lifesaving lessons.

At age 8, I was in hospital to get my Adenoids removed and have Grommets put in.

After this surgery, I was unwell and it turned out the Grommets were being rejected by my body.

All of this hassle meant I couldn’t swim for ages and when I finally got back ion the water…I was petrified!


Same year, age 8, I was in hospital with Meningitis

My poor mother had an awful time with me…still does 🙂


Guilty Pleasure

I will often demolish a tub of WholeFoods Freshly Ground Almond Butter with a spoon.

And I am not even sorry 🙂


When I like a song, I will play it on repeat for days and days until I no longer like it.

It is awful I know but hey ho.

Current Repeat Offender:



I adore Theme Parks!

Rollercoasters make me so happy and the adrenaline rush is insane!

Disclaimer: The hardest drug I have ever tried is Alcohol…so ehm I probably am not aware of a larger rush but I am happy to keep the upper range at hanging upside down at 200 feet.



Charming Bitch

My blog name originated from a name my manager used to call me when I worked in London.

TCB stands for The Charming Bitch but I felt subtracting the The looked more aesthetically pleasing as a URL.



When I was in Primary School, an exotic zoo came to my school, showcasing a snake, an eagle and a tarantula.

Smartypants over here answered a question correctly in the Quiz and got to hold the little fuzzy creature.

I went home that day and more or less demanded I get one as

Mum he was so cute and small and it wouldn’t even take up any space

BRAT…that is what I was haha

I didn’t get one surprise surprise



My biggest fear is obviously not Spiders or any type of live creature.

It is genuinely not having a purpose.

As crazy as this sounds, the thought of waking up some day and not having a job to go to or people to meet terrifies me.

This is probably why I adore plans so much :/ haha


Avocado is my favourite food!


The first time I ever tasted it was my first day working for FD in New York.

My boss brought me to a very nice Mexican Restaurant for lunch and that is the day I met bae and fell in love…with the Avocado…not my boss just to be clear!

Also I may have purchased the below for Vegas…

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 23.52.58.png


I have never been to Las Vegas or California and I get to tick both off my list this summer.


Less exotic and cosmopolitan but from the age of 2 until I was 18, I used spend every summer down in Youghal, Co. Cork as we had a mobile home there.

I absolutely loved it and I may have been weak for one of the security guards…who was from Dundalk…and that is where my obsession with the North began…with Louth men??

It was pretty North in comparison to Cork haha


I cannot blow a bubble with chewing gum!

I know, a basic human ability!!


At the age of 19, I got Laser Hair Removal…Hollywood style!

And now it is gone…all gone…

Yes I just said that in black and white on the Internet…it is now here forever…oh gawd.


My mum is a Trained Hairdresser but no longer works in that industry.

Until the age of 23, no other human being had cut, coloured or touched my hair.

Then when I moved to New York, I did the below!

Salon Icon in Murray Hill ❤

Oren is a hair guru!!



First Kiss

I was 12, it was at Oven’s Disco and it was awful!

I was about 5’3 maybe and he way well over 6ft and not at all attractive and it turned out he was actually a big skanky knacker who was also a known drug dealer….

So ehm yeah…classy!


I have never smoked a cigarette!


My favourite city in the whole world is London.

I had the pleasure of living there for 10 months and loved it!

The people, the diversity, the theatre, the museums, the night life and the FOOD…oh the food!

Yes, it is most definitely my fave!



I am THE worst sleeper!

I rarely sleep through the night and getting 4 to 5 hours is the norm for me.

However people don’t believe me because as soon as someone is sleeping next to me, I conk straight away!

Either it is the security or the warmth…I am awfully cold…but it sends me straight to sleep and I am a very happy bunny!


When I was younger, I was a serious WWF, later WWE fan!!

I was obsessed with The Hardy Boys, Lita, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Chris Jericho.

I used to watch Friday Night Raw and Saturday Morning Smackdown.

I had the figures, the Wrestling Ring and the belts…the horror.


My dream dogs are a French Bulldog and a German Shepherd.

In my current building, every one in every other unit…there are 10 units per floor and 24 floors...seem to have a dog.

We even have a designated Pet Laundry Area, Pet Wash Room…and a Dog Park attached to the side of our building.

Working Full – Time, it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog as they need so much love and attention 24/7…but some day.


Even though I am most definitely a career woman and have always worked hard…strong independent woman and all that jazz…

There are times when I would love to be like the older women in my Pilates classes in Equinox!!

They chat to me about their husbands flying off on business while they are on the boards of charities. They spend their day at the spa and the gym and are draped in Lulu Lemon, Cartier Love Bangles and Hermes.



Armani Code Eau de Parfum is my all time favourite perfume!

I try so often to use another scent but it just doesn’t smell like me and it feels weird and I just end up going back to my one and only.


I absolutely adore listening to music!

My first ever concert I went to was to see Steps in The Point in Dublin.

My favourite ever concert was when I was living in Manhattan.

Summer 2015, a few of us went to Mad Decent Block Party in Coney Island, and I saw Skrillex and Diplo live.

Watching them perform Cinema and Revolution…one of the best experiences!

IMG_5635 (2)


The worst pain I have ever experienced was the time I got Root Canal.

Due to the position of the tooth and it’s size, it had three nerve endings so essentially a lot of root to clean out.

It was absolutely horrendous and the sensation was so awful that I cried silently the whole time :/

Dramatic? I would admit if I was but it was truly unbearable!!

And last but by no means least…


When I was 17, I was auditioning for different parts in my Performing Arts School’s End of Year Showcase.

They flew a choreographer over from London to produce it and direct the whole show…he was also in charge of number selection.

There was one particular number that I wanted so desperately to be in.

It was quite sexy and the costumes were class!

I didn’t get chosen and looking back all the girl’s actually had dark hair…bad day to be blonde!

Then for the finale it was a Saturday Night Fever performance to finish.

I was selected as the first girl on stage and was at the front for the whole number.

Reasoning behind this??

You have a smile that lights up the whole stage but you are cute darling, not sexy

 To this day I struggle to shake my cute image haha and I have also realised that I will never be sexy…not even a gay man could lie to me.

I suppose I have been called worse!!


40 days, 40 facts and I cannot believe this is all over.

To everyone who took the time to check in daily, thank you ever so much!

To those whose heads I wrecked clogging their feeds, my sincere apologies 🙂

As today is Saturday and I am on my holidays for a week, I shall resume normal weekly uploads on my return to Beantown.

To follow my daily Nana routined life:

snapchat: jessiejay92

instagram: jessiejay92

twitter: jessiejay92

Yeah so my handle is the same on all platforms…you get the picture.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter and stuff your face with all the chocolate and treats.

In case you missed it, I have a blog post all about Vegan Dairy Free Easter Gifts, click here to pick something up last minute.

Until next time,



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