Hollaback Girl

Hello ello

This song came on shuffle and it is pretty apt…explained later.

Top – ZARA

The purpose of today’s blog isn’t to simply post a few outfit pictures; there is a little more behind the story.

In the past two years I have grown up so much and have truly been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel as part of my job…my actual job…this is just somewhere I go when I forget my recipes.

That being said from the age of 22 to 24…for six more weeks…is a very tough time!

At this age we are expected to have our life paths pretty much defined; careers, finances, relationships.

Yeah so I would consider myself fairly organised…I have an Excel Doc for everything…but none of the above would be ticked in that MCQ.

One thing I do know is myself and the kind of person I want to be.

I am for sure not a Hollaback Girl, click here for the definition.

I am not wise, I wear my heart on my sleeve and naively think everyone is wonderful.

The above is a recipe for disaster in this crazy, fast paced world…and that is before you even go online.

OPI Gel: Like a Boy…CIARA is now in my head!

5 Life Mantras

There are two people in particular I read/watch/listen to when I am looking for a boost in motivation, a life lesson or a little reminder to keep on hustlin’.

The gurus in question are:

Sarah Knight and Gary Vaynerchuk


Stop Giving a F*%k

Sounds awful…truly awful…but it works!

The day you stop caring what people think about you is a fantastic day!

People, including my little self for a long time, spend so much time, energy and money focussing on other’s opinions of them…when it is actually none of your business to begin with.

Do you really think I could post on this weekly…daily there for a while when I lost my marbles (point 3)…if I actually dedicated a T A/C to nay sayers in my F*%k budget**??

**click here to understand

If I am ever worried, I consult my mum and my closest friends, and as long as they are supportive…winning!

Before I published TCB, I was a nervous wreck!!

What will they say…

I am so embarrassed

No one is going to read it!!

18 months later, the stats speak for themselves πŸ™‚

Speaking of…


The Haters…embrace them!

You are never going to be everyone’s cup of tea or shot of Vodka…or Cafe Au Lait with Soy!

There are some people out there that are wired so differently that I would find it altogether strange if they agreed with me or my lifestyle.

That is another thing…

I would much rather someone say

I think you are an idiot and I strongly dislike you…strongly

than be sickly sweet to my face, and carry on otherwise to other people.

Reason to embrace them?

They boost your stats, create crazy traffic on your blog, and while they are busy hating, you are busy…



This is Gary Vee’s number one!!

We all have 24 hours in the day!


One of my pet peeves is when people say…

Oh you go to the gym every day, I wish I had time

My favourite Pilates Home Workout takes 15 minutes, a 5K run takes less that 30 minutes and most classes at the gym are 45 minutes long.

45 minutes is 3.125% of your day

Sleep for 7, work for 9, commute add 2 to be generous…that leaves 6 hours.

Least you can do is spend 12.5% of this 6 hours being selfish and improving your mental and physical health.

Side Hustle

This is what he refers to as working on your passion or what makes you happy.

For example, writing a blog post everyday for 40 days.

It was tough going; pre-planning posts, coming in late and staying up til crazy o’clock, eating all the recipes πŸ™‚

What made it worthwhile was the feedback I received!

Genuinely was blown away by the response and that is why I wrote them all and continued until the final post was published.

Selfishly, hearing/reading that people benefitted or enjoyed my 2am scribbles, made me so deliriously happy!

If there is something you want to do, prioritise it ‘cos


You’re gonna die

Honest to god’s truth, these are Gary Vee’s three most motivating words.

Not to be morbid as I like to keep this platform a positive place but hear this and you are like yup I am and I am not settling for mediocre.

I am not saying go splurge and go by the

No pockets in a coffin

quote as that is extreme.

However do go ahead and write down things that are important to you and that you plan to achieve and focus on these, regardless of how major or interim these milestones are…yup no escaping that PM life haha.

Some people want fast cars, others want a family and some people are just looking forward to their next coffee break…and they are all equally worthy of being written down and plans made to execute.

I have a little leather Smythson notebook in my bag that I carry everywhere.

It would definitely not solve any major world issues, nor contains dark secrets as I am an open book…but it has a few little ideas, one big one and coffee stains to add character.


Be Yourself

Sounds too easy but in this world, even in a no WiFi zone, we are surrounded by unfathomable to me at least expectations of who/what/where we should be.

Revisiting point 2, not everyone is going to like you but some people love you and that is way more important!!

I am literally a plant based Duracell bunny; whose hair is on top of her head half wet more times than styled, has an excessive camera roll and is currently hanging tired but will be nowhere near her laptop for the next three days…so that would be stubborn.

I mean…kinda weird right??

F*%Ks given though? Zero!


I genuinely couldn’t have taken all of these photos if I cared what people would think.

I had so much fun shooting outside the MFA last Sunday and that is all that matters.

These shorts are from one of my new favourite stores.

Yes this sh*t is Banana(s)…Republic!

There is that reference I am sure everyone forgot about having read it about ten minutes ago haha.

Banana Republic is a fantastic brand; sister to GAP, Athleta and Old Navy.

They are currently running 40% off storewide, using code BRSUMMER.

Click here to start shopping!

Happy MDW everybody and I shall be back next Sunday with a post all about my adventures in DC.

Keep updated over on Instagram and Snapchat: @jessiejay92

Until next time,



Shoes – Michael Kors

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