I have a dream…

that one day

this nation will rise up

live out the true meaning of its creed


So yes this is exactly where MLK stood when these words were proclaimed.

To be perfectly honest, the only reason I know these words are due to a world class dance mix by the incredible Bakermat.

Disclaimer: I wanted to blare it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial but I remembered that I am not a mad sham…I’m a curly wurly nana…those are Carvela Comforts…invest in a pair

Where is this you ask?


On May 27th 2017, 10 tourists boarded an aeroplane at 9:11am…yes this was unsettling as random fact the flight that landed in the Pentagon took off from Boston Logan…to see the sights and spend the weekend


having the quack


in the capital of the United States of America.



Alarm buzzed, showered, dressed, fed and out the gap. it was time to head off for Memorial Day Weekend.

Yes for our three day adventure I only brought a Personal Item.

One little backpack was all I travelled with and I even had room to spare…oh I was as smug haha.

We flew into Baltimore, Maryland and uber’d our way to our hotel for the weekend.

Beacon Hotel and Corporate Quarters is a wonderful boutique hotel, located in Downtown DC, bang smack in between Dupont Circle and Logan Circle, yet close to all the main attractions.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.18.23

Once we were checked in, we quickly refreshed and headed straight out for brunch.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.24.16

Southern Hospitality serves $16 bottomless mimosas.

Yes that was the only reason it was chosen…I am not even lying.

In all fairness though, the food was pretty good and the atmosphere was electric.

The best bit was that Fabregas was plastered on two plasma screens in my view so what better way to enjoy your sweet potato and avocado than to stare at that beautiful face right?!

Whistle blown, Arsenal only delira with themselves, time to start seeing those famous sights.


First we hit up Teach Trump for a snoop around.

Even though he was in Europe booting NATO leaders out of the way, the security was on another level so I can only imagine the extent if he was inside in the Oval Office.

Candid shot of Niamh holding my jacket like a proud mommah haha ❤


After some more strolls and a pit stop for more beverages, it was time to head back to have a quick disco nap and get ready for dinner.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.51.41

Estadio is a beautiful Spanish tapas restaurant, less than a ten minute walk from BH&CQ, located on 14th Street.


The food was incredible!!!

I am not even exaggerating…truly


With options for everyone, yes even little diva me, it is the perfect eatery for large groups as they had something for everyone.


Yes that is a Vegan menu…and from another angle incase you don’t believe me…


I would recommend the Charred Brussel Sprouts as they were insanely good!

I didn’t hear a single complaint from the meat eaters either so everyone was happy out!

Our server Mara was class and gave us a list of recommendations for the remainder of our trip.

and yes they would be the brussel sprouts photobombing…delicious!!



Up at the absolute dawn, sure what is new, I decided to take advantage of the clear skied morning and set off exploring DC.


First call of the day was a decent cup of coffee and I wasn’t disappointed!!


Peregrine Espresso located on 14th Street…you can tell I enjoyed frequenting this place, the coffee and the street…is a short stroll from the hotel and serves incredible caffeine.


Honestly I have enjoyed a few Cafe Au Laits in my time but this was definitely up there with the best…I returned 3 more times in my short getaway.


They also serve a great selection of fresh baked goods and MA’s finest Taza Chocolate, feeling all too like my usual Sunday morning coffee trips to Boston Public Market.


Across the road from Peregrine stands Le Diplomate.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to dine here but the online reviews were too good not to mention it.

Caffeinated and loving life, I started the 3K trek up the hill to an award winning vegan eatery called

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 13.13.33

Sticky Fingers


I had genuinely stalked this place on Instagram on the lead up to this trip and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

I kept coming up anytime I typed in the hashtag veganDC so I had to checkout the hype.

I don’t think I have ever given a bad review on my blog but I have to be truthful, I was very disappointed!

The decor and display left a lot to be desired and a few of their offerings shown on Instagram weren’t available on what I thought to be a busy weekend for the food industry.

They had a few wheat free options, as well as being 100% vegan, but nothing that made me want to buy it.

The lovely lady at the counter suggested a Treat Shake.


So ehm this was $9

Nine Dollars

I can assure you I don’t just have giant hands haha.

It was nice but not worth the monetary expense or the time taken to reach the place but 3K on incline will never be wasted.


Starving I strolled back down the hill to continue on my exploration.


14th Street is vibrant, cool and is not at all what I thought I’d be in for with DC.


Next stop on my list was the must see Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market.


Being the agent of chaos, I entered and was hit by a multitude of languages, loud street music and laughter.

Not only were there lots of people from all corners of the earth, the produce on offer was cringe alert out of this world…I said it yup I went there


Fresh peonies are my favourite!!


I wasn’t there for fresh flowers, I was hoping to get some delicious food and drink.

This time I was definitely not disappointed!!


Fruitive is the first certified organic fast casual restaurant in North America but more importantly, they make incredible juice.

One Wheatgrass Pineapple Cold Press please


They also served baked goods and bagged treats so definitely check those out too.

The best part is if you hand back your empty glass bottle upon completion, they hand you a dollar back in cash.

Realistically you will be finishing it shortly after opening, it is delcious!!

How cute is he though??

Hydrated but still hungry, I came across this freshly baked 100% gluten free cake stall and that was me done!


They make two versions of all their cakes; one dairy and one non-dairy, but all gluten free.

On recommendation from the baker himself, I chose the Strawberry Scone as they are in season and it was amazing...like writing this I am officially starving at the thought!!


Finally fed, I wandered around some more before meeting up with the others for Lunch.

Disclaimer: I didn’t eat the lunch…as I had only just gotten breakfast.

Still full from the market but I couldn’t turn down a trip to


Yes we went to Cork…the people’c republic in the American capital.

In fairness the food looked amazing and it was in a great setting.

Not to mention it was right next store to Peregrine so would have been rude not to indulge in another cup of the black stuff.

Once fed and watered, we all headed back out to visit some of the famous landmarks.

It was torrential rain so the hun bun was necessary!!


The Washington Monument


The National Mall


The Lincoln Memorial


Check out the lady to the left with The most serious selfie face I have ever seen.


Before one more trip to the back of the White House to

One, two, three, JUMP


and again…


Last try now folks


Ahhh there yeah go now, aren’t we only dotey? haha

Disco naps needed, showered and hair straightened…yup I went and did that


We headed for dinner to the delicious Barcelona.

Again on 14th Street, this lively Spanish tapas bar is ideal for a social feed to start the night off.


Our server was so helpful; marking off all of the items I could eat and explaining all of the ingredients.

I love tapas as they are small plates, necessary to avoid the food baby/post dinner nap, and they are a great opportunity to try out new cuisines.


I opted for the Spinach and Chickpea Cazuela and the Charred Broccoli.

Very reasonably priced for the amount of food we ordered so would highly recommend if you are visiting the city!


From Spain to England, we left Barcelona in search of Brixton.

Recommended by Mara in Estadio, this bustling rooftop on 14th and U is a great spot for a beverage, a boogie and a rather racy game of Never Have I Ever.

The DJ blared hits from Biggie to Bieber, and Pussycat Dolls to Prince.

Would highly recommend checking it out!!

Taking pictures as they were closing – priorities!!



Not so early this morning, we checked out and headed for a cheeky Nando’s.


Great tip to check out Living Social or Groupon before you head away to a new city.


So we headed to the nearest stop but with the MDW Parade in full swing and road closures all over the city, we decided against the sunk cost in favour of exploring by foot.


Since watching Scandal, I have been obsessed with Olivia Pope so visiting Capitol Hill was a must for me!

It is actually a stunning building and this picture does not show how genuinely massive a structure it is.

DC Deets

Flights: Spirit Airlines return trip Boston Logan to Baltimore –  $86 in total

Hotel: Two night stay for four people sharing – $85 each

Uber – Airport to Hotel: Saturday – $12.50 each for 4 sharing

Uber – Hotel to Airport: Monday – $14.50 each for 4 sharing

I hope this was helpful to anyone visiting the city soon or inspires someone to book a trip.

It was surprisingly cheap to get to and apparently the alcohol wasn’t too extortionate either, so win win!


I am heading away again this Friday to the burning desert that is Las Vegas but there is a post scheduled to go live this Sunday June 11th talking about last weekend’s trip to Cape Cod.

Keep up daily on Snapchat and Instagram @jessiejay92


Until next time,



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