Vitamin Sea on MV

Hello ello

From DC to MV to LV, the past three weekends have been crazy busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last week’s post was all about DC, click here to read.

Next week’s will be all about my current trip…if I haven’t melted in the meantime.

However this week, I am talking all things quintessentially New England and my trip to…


Martha’s Vineyard

Before we ventured to the Cape, we were curious as to why it was called a vineyard and who was this Martha gal.

History Wiki Time

According to Martha’s Vineyard Tour Guidethe island was named by the British explorer Bartholomew Gosnold, after his infant daughter Martha.

He originally settled on a nearby island, visiting MV only to gather sassafras root, to be hauled back to England for medicinal use.

There isn’t a single vineyard on the island but it is believed there were wild grape vines covering the island when it was first discovered.

Here endeth the history lesson…you can tell I didn’t study it past Junior Cert


Collecting the car at 7am from Boston Logan, we set off on our drive down to the Cape.


After surviving a Maps App meltdown and the mountainous Sagamore Bridge, we finally arrived in Falmouth and ordered the largest coffees Dunkin offered.

Wood’s Hole is the port from which the ferry departs, however the car park was located nearby at 22 Technology Park. Day rates are $15 per car and a frequent shuttle service is available to and from the port.

4 tickets for 2 people = not being confused as to which ticket is the first or second leg of trip

At $17 per person return, I thought it was so reasonable, considering the 30 minute journey and the size of the vessel.


Arriving right into Vineyard Haven, one of MV’s three little town’s, everything was so Instagrammable if you will.


All of the little shops and eateries are so quaint and look like you are on a movie set.


Walking down Main Street, it didn’t take me long to spot a Juice Bar.


Acai Bowls and Cute Dogs…what more could you want 🙂


There are also plenty of gorgeous gift stores selling upmarket crafts. Even designers such as Orla Kiely transporting you back to the Kilkenny Store back home.


Caption inspo courtesy of the beach hat featured

There is plenty to see and spend money on on Main Street, but we were in need of another caffeine hit.


Nat’s Nook is a tiny little cafe, off the Main Street, unseen without this cute post out front.


They serve a whole array of crepes; of both sweet and savoury variety, as well as offering a gluten free option for those of us less fortunate.

I wasn’t all too hungry to try take on the massive crepes but I did order the usual Cafe Au Lait and it was seriously good coffee!!

They also serve Soy, Almond and Cashew Milk!!!

My mind was blown as I have only ever been able to get Cashew Milk in JuiceBaby on the King’s Road, London and Gracenote here in Boston.

Highly recommend checking this place out and sitting in the below area to enjoy it all!


Caffeine levels back to a functioning level…I honestly need it like a car needs petrol at this stage…we set off again exploring Vineyard Haven.


How cute is the cinema


Taking another look at the map, we headed up the hill to find a cafe to get some lunch and that was Jess friendly.


Little House Cafe in Vineyard Haven is the cutest yes I am aware everything is cute but it really is eatery just up the hill off Main Street.

Genuinely Tiny

They have a really good menu to be fair and their veggie options were great!


I opted for the Roasted Butternut Squash salad with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and spinach…the side of gluten free toast was an added bonus!!


The weather was not our friend and the sporadic showers did put a little dampener on the day but my hair is well and truly used to rain.


Hun bun happened and we headed back down the hill venturing in and out of the shops en route.


Genuinely loved all of the store fronts, not to mind the decor inside…


We planned to visit Oak Bluffs, one of the other towns nearby, but weather warnings yes it is June but it is New England were promoting a return to the mainland.


How gorgeous are the Gingerbread Cottages!!

Yes you can rent them out and yes I kind of want to haha

We boarded the ferry back to Falmouth and drove the short distance to Hyannis to explore some more of Cape Cod.

If you are visiting or live nearby, I would highly recommend visiting this beautiful place to eat all the food and take all the Instagram worthy snaps.

On a sunnier day, I am sure I would have gotten more footage but from what I have seen, it is a must visit when in Massachusetts.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!

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Until next time,



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