Hello ello everybody

It is a Saturday, I am in a round neck jumper, yoga leggings, drinking tea and taking foam rolling breaks as my legs are in bits…deadlifting plus marathon training is zero craic haha.


Before I jump into all things LV, just wanted to mention one particular product I have been obsessing over for a while but have yet to feature.

I discovered this incredible brand last November at a Christmas Market. Once home, I researched and ordered online and my skin has never looked better. This pipette pot of perfection kept my skin hydrated and healthy, even in the blistering Boston snow and the Vegas desert conditions.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 16.31.50

The Ordinary Skincare is one to invest in and at $6.80, it is an absolute bargain!!

All explained below, click here to purchase.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 16.31.40

Now onto the real reason behind this post…


Las Vegas

On Friday June 9th, 10 female friends touched down in the city that never sleeps…I argue that it is LV and not NYC.


Flying over mountains of red rock before landing into a sea of bright lights…yes the airport is next to the strip and is a 7 minute drive to the Monte Carlo…the scenes were something else and even more incredible than anything I have ever witnessed on screen.


We stayed at the Monte Carlo, sister hotel to MGM Grand and the Mandalay Bay.

I will include all details and tips at the very end so scroll through the ramble if that is all you are here for.

For reasons explained in the above image, we had full access to facilities at the other two premium hotels at a discounted price so happy days.

Mandalay Bay

MGM Grand

Vegas is 100% what you make of it and I reckon anytime you visit it would be a completely different experience!

It has something for everyone; incredible shopping, luxurious hotels, world class showcases and the club scene…literally no words!!

Yes I did survive, without the help of alcohol or stronger substances, but the amount of Starbucks transactions on my card is outrageous!!


It is more expensive to drink coffee than alcohol when female in this place…honestly!!

Speaking of…

“The 5 swedish ladies can go straight up”

Nightlife of Dreams

Yes I did snapchat my mother telling her I wanted to give up that Consulting life in favour of Club life.

I am sure you have guessed she told me to stay in the Consulting life to afford the Club life…on my own terms 🙂

Jokes aside, nights/mornings spent dancing on stage with top world DJ’s will go down as some of my happiest moments on this little planet.

There are so many clubs in LV, and unfortunately I didn’t have time to enjoy them all but the ones I did venture to were insane!


Marquee, in The Cosmopolitan, Hakkasan, in MGM Grand, and Drai’s After Hours Club were the venues of choice on this occasion.

OMNIA and XS are on my list for next there will be a next time haha.

On the Saturday night, we scored a 2 hour queue skip, free entry and table at Marquee.


I adore Galantis and being pulled up on stage next to the dynamic duo was a dream come true!!


Hakkasan was the destination of choice on Sunday, and it did not disappoint!!

Comp entry and table for the evening was becoming a standard procedure and I was not upset about this.

Equality and all when in Boston haha but in this part of the world, I enjoy not spending $9 on a bottle of Fiji water, essential when dancing on tables all night.



Closing at 4am, it was time for another coffee before ubering to Drai’s for the after hours club.

Another table with the usual 5 bottle’s of Dom and 2 magnums of Belvedere, the hip hop mix was a nice switch up from the earlier EDM set to create a more chill cool vibe…at 6am…this place goes on all hours…madness!


Okay if you follow me on snapchat, you would have seen my 6:12am walk of fame home.

I had slept only 6.5 hours since Thursday and after watching my friend pass out on arrival home, I was regretting that 4:30am coffee!!

8am saw me switch from my oversized tee to my itsy bitsy bikini to head to the beach…being Mandalay Bay beach.



So we are onto daytime activities now right?

Whether it is chilling on the man made beach or poppin’ bottles by the pool…I am so down with the lingo haha…this little town/city/Giant ESB Bill has it all!


Tanning & Tunes

I had heard loads about the infamous pool parties and I was so excited to experience one for myself.

To the left, to the left…JJL and EVM loving life!

Eventhough we were on the guestlist for Calvin Harris’ daytime event, the queues were looking at 3 hours in so we scrapped Slow Acid for Scott Disick and headed to LIQUID Lounge at Aria Resort & Casino.


Chilling on sun loungers is also advised and totally acceptable in LV and plenty of this happened…wearing avocado’s as life is too short not to follow your avo dreams!


Bikini – H&M..beware of the bottoms…they are teeny

I didn’t just survive on caffeine, food consumption was also necessary and we found a few good and ehm not so good spots on our travels.


Food Glorious Food

I always pack plenty of Lara Bars when travelling as the Cashew Cookie, with only two ingredients Cashews and Dates, usually saves the day when venturing to the unknown.

At 8am in the morning…roasted more than the coffee bean!!

However I did find a few good eateries to fill the gap in between the dancing and drinking double espresso.


I am going to start with the worst...yup this was woeful!!

The Juice Standard in the Cosmopolitan Hotel looked amazing but like the Miss America pageant; great exterior with little to offer once you get chatting.


I ordered the Bee Bread on Gluten Free Toast, and the girls ordered the Avo Toast on regular bread.


A very long 20 minutes later, this appeared…this one slice of stale tasteless overpriced cold toast.

I had such high hopes!!


The regular bread was also stale and very underwhelming.

We didn’t try their Acai Bowls or Cold Pressed Cocktails so perhaps they are more satisfying and worth a trip back.


The famous Milk Bar was right next door!

The girls highly rated their soft serve and their cookies are hashtag Insta famous so I can without a doubt recommend this spot.


They do facilitate folks like myself too by offering treats pre packaged from the fridge.

This cookie was insanely delicious and may have been devoured with a cup of Barry’s Tea once back in my bed in Boston…don’t judge me, I was very fragile haha.


Moving on from breakfast to snack time, Blizz Frozen Yoghurt in the MGM Grand should definitely be visited by all who are in need of a chilled break from the desert heat.

They serve crepes, frozen yoghurt, smoothie, Acai Bowls and

Watermelon Sorbet

that is dairy free and self serve.

You can tell I added all the toppings, including Hemp Granola and fresh fruit.

The americanos are nearly $7 though so be sure you are in need of the hit before you order!!


You could just pick this up in CVS instead…it genuinely does wake you up haha.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 20.41.10

Two places I would highly recommend for dinner are both sushi restaurants so I sincerely apologise if you dislike this cuisine but honestly these places are amazing!

Sake Rok across the road from the Monte Carlo is a must visit!

Not only is the food incredible, all of the waiters and waitresses are performers and host nightly show cases on stage and around the buzzing sushi joint.


Going just before close to get take away coconut rice and roasted vegetables is perfectly acceptable too though…right?

Then eating them in your going out clothes in bed and falling asleep, to wake up at 2am to still be in your bodycon attire is totally nothing to be embarrassed about…right?


Sushi Samba located in the Venetian is a world renowned sushi restaurant.

They offer a wide variety of sushi, sashimi and even have a Vegan Menu!!


Also this avocado roll dish cost $5…less than a large filter in Starbucks!!

Their coconut rice and steamed vegetables were also devoured by all parties, so a massive win from all.

There are lots of places to eat in Vegas but to be truthful finding fresh, wholesome food was difficult!

They could do with a Sweetgreen or a Wholefoods haha…but I am sure I am in the minority with this opinion.


Shopping for a Sugar Daddy

Okay disclaimer, no I wasn’t haha before I get myself into trouble but the stores lining the magical malls required serious credit cards…limits that my little paycheck don’t facilitate.

Soooo it’s my birthday on 7/7 FYI…Agnes…how much do you love me?

Jokes aside presents make me weirdly uncomfortable for example the above cookie was a little gift from EvM and AB and you’d swear it was a gold bar with the reaction they received.

If I had all the cash monies at my disposal, I would head back to Vegas.

I am not even joking!!

They have every designer under the sun in a row…indoors, with air conditioning…pure heaven!


Whether it’s The Forum at Caesar’s Palace


or the stores in The Venetian separated only by an actual river with actual Gondolas transporting tourists through the hotel.


The sky also changes depending on the time of day so if that doesn’t blow your mind…I struggle to think what would!!


Last but by no means least I better address the monstrous creations lining the strip…

Architects Assemble

To say these hotels are out of this world is an understatement!!

Each one has a different theme, layout, target audience and makes you believe in time travel haha….Venice to New York in a few steps!


Casually strolling along Brooklyn Bridge one minute…


In Egypt the next…


and onto Europe…


They aren’t all opulent and old school…


The above can be found at the Cosmopolitan and this place would be exactly where I would be booking next time I am visiting Vegas.


Night time scenes outside of the clubs is worth taking a second to stop and stare.


The fountain show at The Bellagio starts at 5pm, with shows taking place every 15 minutes after 8pm.


Before we knew it, it was time to pack up the room…

Yes I only brought that tiny bag for 5 days…smug face haha

Bedroom Views from the Monte Carlo
and leave this insane place!


All of the Details

Accommodation: $660 for 4 nights in the Monte Carlo, $220 each

Flights: spirit airlines via $245 return, plus $40 each way check in bag


Advice for a Vegas Virgin


If I were to go back, I would definitely book a trip to the Grand Canyon or do a helicopter tour of the nearby Red Rock.

These can both be purchased online and range from $150 – $400.

There are plenty of performances to book too…eh Britney Spears…enough said!


Whilst in Vegas, make your Instagram profile public if it is not already and use the hashtag LasVegasPromoter.

The director of marketing for Tao Group (Marquee, Jewel, Tao etc.) dm’d me and this is a great way to get queue skipping, comp entry and table service.


Check for daily deals as hotel prices can change substantially throughout the day.

With free cancellation, it is super easy to chop and change before you decide on your choice of accommodation…just be sure to cancel the others before the free period closes!

We got lucky with the refurbishment of Monte Carlo and enjoying the use of Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand pools but this exposure made our trip so look out for similar instances to maximise your stay.


Genuinely feel like last weekend was all a dream and I had THE best time!

Looking forward to my next adventure with these fantastic humans, but until then, hope you enjoyed this show reel of snaps.

For daily updates, be sure to follow me over on Snapchat and Instagram @jessiejay92

Laying low for two weeks but then it’s NYC and San Francisco in July!

Until next time,




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