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Hello ello. Sunday posts are slowly but surely happening again and I am determined to keep up this schedule, seriously. Okay starting with an apology haha. I am truly sorry for wrecking people’s newsfeeds with a seriously superfluous amount of social updates of sun, sea and sand.The January blues were sensational shades of aquamarine in my case and I couldn’t have been happier. Turks and Caicos was a dream! Did I think it would be feasible? Hells to the no. The only reason to believe the whole vaykay wasn’t a figment of my vivid imagination was the fact. I have a feed of photographic evidence to prove I was there, and a bestie bestie to remind me on the regular. So yes T&C may apply to some but it should to all, and by the end of this post you will be on skyscanner yourself, perusing the possibility.

So yes, we get it, you went on holidays, but it cost a bomb no? Before I get into the details
for the entire trip, a little disclaimer is necessary. Myself and Nicole love to travel!! We
had known each other a week when we planned our first day trip (it was my second ever blog
post haha) and three weeks when we booked our first holiday…to Africa!! Okay yes it was
Morocco but still Africa no? You can read all about that magical Marrakech meander here. Since
then we have eaten our way around London, island hopped in Italy, and brunched in the Big
Apple. Am I minted?? Far from it haha but I can assure you even a scrooge can be bouj!! I have
detailed below everything we got up to in the Caribbean and all of our top travel tips to
being boujie on a budget. Whether it is a girls trip or a cute couple’s getaway, Turks &
Caicos is a must!

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On Friday morning at 9:10am, we left Newark airport for Providenciales. Having packed the night before still half delirious from our Higher Dose buzz, and meal prepped ahead of the trip…I will talk more about that later…it was a case of showering, downing the Hot Water Lemon, and ubering to the airport, ahead of our short 3 hour flight to the Caribbean.

Reason 9765 of why I love living here, the people you come across. Our uber driver was a
pastor and safe to say after twenty two minutes of preaching, we were empowered peeps ready to
take on the world…or a very busy airport at least.

Newark airport was a dream! Truly!! I would choose this airport over La Guardia and JFK every single time; the security is a breeze, it is far smaller, but has way more veggie food options haha. The staff on United were so helpful and friendly. Basically sat by the window…I always choose the window seat…drank lots of free sparkling water and enjoyed the above breathtaking scenes upon landing…what a perfect start to Providenciales!

Three hours later, we touched down on the tepid tarmac, to the sun splitting the stones. 26
degrees, with an ocean breeze, can you really beat it?? After baggage claim, and a quick
customs clearance, we took the free Hertz shuttle to pick up our car rental and made our way
to our Air BnB. I will divulge further in the tips section later, but I would 100% recommend
going this route in Turks & Caicos.
Our host, Shenique, couldn’t have been more welcoming and wonderful!! From the day we booked
until arrival on that Friday afternoon, she answered all of our questions and provided
directions and information to put us at ease, before we even got there. If you follow me on social media, you would have seen plenty of her house in the background, and it is stunning!!
Shenique has an incredible story; undergrad in Finance and now has a styling business and a blog (suspicious moon emojis all round) but besides all that she is such a wonderful person; accommodating beyond belief, and made our stay on the island even more incredible! I will link Shenique’s personal website below, along with the Air BnB link too if you want to book your stay on the island in the amazing abode.

After a quick turn around, we headed to Grace Bay for quick sun sesh; snack and tan, followed
by a stroll along the sand. As night was approaching and we were starved haha, we headed home
to get ready for our first of many fancy feasts.
Infiniti Raw Bar at the Grace Bay Club is the longest bar in the Caribbean at 90 feet. It is the first infinity edge bar in the world…so ehm naturally these two boujie blondes had to go check it out right?? The dress code is resort elegance if you will and entrees start from 28 USD without a beverage so not the worst considering the setting and the high quality ingredients used.
I ordered the Thai Vegetable Curry with Jasmine Rice and Papaya Salad. They asked about dietary requirements and had no trouble explaining what I could/could not eat from the menu.
This curry already contained no dairy and was completely vegan but always best to ask for peace of mind. Nicole ordered two sushi dishes but she was weak for my curry haha.
The service was AMAZING!! From the moment we arrived, they could NOT have been more accommodating. We were not guests of the hotel but this did not affect how wonderful we were treated by all staff members. We didn’t order a starter or a dessert but they gave us tasters as a gesture of goodwill. The appetizer was a sample of their Tuna Tartare…which Nicole thoroughly enjoyed both offerings…and for dessert, they presented the most incredible truffles known to man!! I am not exaggerating haha the coconut macarons were truly scrumptious and were 100% vegan!! As for the chocolate truffles, Nicole informed me they were seriously sensational…but was too full to finish and a box…I know they went above and beyond…was provided for us to take the remainder of our fab freebies home.
One thing I would be wary about going to these restaurants…the water prices!! It wasn’t until our second last night when we realised the restaurants offered tap water, but up until then I had been paying between $8 – $10 for a bottle of San Pellegrino. I adore sparkling water and to be honest, I didn’t mind forking out that much for a litre of heaven…but it does add up. So TOP TIP: ask for tap water to keep prices low.
Overall, our experience at Infiniti was pretty fantastic. Sensational service, fantastic food, and amazing atmosphere…I would highly recommend checking this place out if you are visiting the island.


I am not going to lie, we were so excited to get up on Saturday morn ing bright and early to get out tan on…but the weather had better ideas. TROPICAL STORM PEOPLE!! Yes that is right and that kind of weather is unpresidented in January; being their high season. Shenique couldn’t even believe how unlucky we had gotten and the day was not meant to be spent lounging in luxury. Not all was lost and the morning to be fair was dry but overcast. We took this opportunity to explore the island and we were spinning about like an episode of The Simple Life; I being Paris and Nicole…being ehm Nicole haha. Another reason to love the car rental!! Honestly this island is so organic and hasn’t a hint of commercialism, which adds to its charm, so with that transport is kinda non existent…so rent a car folks. Spinning about we came across the most serene setting with stunning sea views. If you watched my Insta story at all, you would have seen this scene several times. This soon cam to be where we would enjoy breakfast every morning and balm out for the day. J Cole Cove, as we called it, came to be our favourite haunt of the whole holiday.

Rain showers stopped so people showers started, it was time to get ready for yet another amazing appetizer on the island. This time we hit up Sui Ren at The Shore Club. The newest fine dining experience from celebrated chefs, combines Peruvian and Japanese cuisine into one brilliant new concept. Using only the freshest seafood and organic produce in a style that is the first of its kind on Turks and Caicos…ehm you get this gist.
Again lets start off with the setting, ehm effin STUN HUN. Okay we wanted to take loads of pictures but we were hank marvin starvin so we saved the snapping post stuffing our faces. Thank god for the choice of floaty attire is all I am saying.
There was a cool breeze due to the aftermath of the day’s storm, which in 26 degrees heat, really isn’t a breeze at all. However one of staff members acknowledged my bare shoulders and presented me with a gold Michael Kors shawl to keep me cosy whilst dining. Oh yeah no bother let me whip you out a perfectly matching designer shawl to keep you comfortable!!! The service continued to blow me out of the park and I was already nervous to return to NYC having lived through this luxury.
Now onto the food. Again we didn’t order starters and again were presented with on the house hors d’oeuvres…fun fact about me: I was in a spell-athon when I was 12 and I am not even embarrassed about that haha. Insane chili edamame, tuna tartare and some chocolate bread…

Fun fact finito, onto the mains. Even though it screams sushi everywhere, and they had a vegan option, I chose the Nikkei Salad. It just sounded too good to pass up and I was craving some serious spinach, so winner winner veggie dinner. Nicole opted for the Nikkei Salad and another salad that sounded bomb and was full of tomatoes ‘cos she is obsessed and living her best life. The Nikkei Salad was very reasonably priced at $14 and adding in my boujie $8 water and 12% tip (NYC is 20%) it worked out very inexpensive taking everything into account. Brunch in NYC can cost $25 plus for a coffee and some avo toast and the service has never been as sensational as The Shore Club.


We woke to the sun splitting the stones and we were once again up and at em ready to worship the sun all day!! A quick stop to Graceway Gourmet to pick up the now romantic ritual of watermelon and cantaloupe, and our preferred caffeine queen cans of DC and Filtah Cawfee, we jumped back in our little motor and headed for J Cole.

As you can clearly see, our Sunday was spent by the sea…and soaking up all the rays we had anticipated on Saturday. We took total advantage of the weather and got in a few bikini shots to boot. I’ll detail where to purchase these beauts at the end so scroll down for links to purchase. Podcasts played, graceway gourmet gobbled, we chilled until early evening before heading back to begin the process of dinner prep.
This evenings dinner destination was Stelle at the Gansevoort Hotel. Again another beauty…even if we did have to drive through the ghetto to get there. Okay disclaimer, it wasn’t the ghetto haha but it was off the main strip and further west than we had previously ventured. The hotel was stunning, like truly stunning!! I am not joking when I say this but the calibre of accommodation in T&C is another level of affluent. Felt like I walked onto a movie set every night and was legitimately bruised from pinching myself.

Stelle was stun!! Again I know I sound dramatic but truly we surrounded ourselves with stun!! Haha like the whole island was instagrammable, snapchattable, and every other social media
platform you can add able to the end haha. On a serious not, we took plenty of picture,
daylight and candle light, and we ended with some refueling in the restaurant.
The Gansevoort Hotels are up their with the best so we were fairly certain this wouldn’t disappoint. Nicole was WEAK for the menu haha. She said her order of Black Cod rivaled that of any other sushi spot she frequented, and she may have even said it was better than Sticks n Sushi…her favourite London love! I promise not every restaurant on this island is seafood dominated but I mean it is surrounded by water right haha so why not use the best resources available to you.
I chose a simple but scrumptious grilled vegetable plate with a side of jasmine rice. There is nothing at all wrong with serving simple whole foods and I genuinely licked the plate. The San Pell here was $10; the most expensive on the island, but at this stage, I was well and truly over it haha. This is the night we discovered the tap water trick, but SP had to happen…life is too short to deprive yourself of the happiness SP brings yano.


Our last full twenty four hours on the insane island in T&C was a Monday of all days, but I think it was one of the best Mondays I have experienced in my whole entire twenty five years on this planet…I am not even being dramatic here!! Waking up to sun bursting through the blinds, we got up and ready to head to GG to gather our basic breakfast of melon mélange…ooh fancy wording there Jess haha…and headed to our little private paradise.

Swimming in that amazing aquamarine was like nothing I have ever experienced. Not a bit of seaweed or sea creature in sight, and this made me more happy than words can express. Another reason, like reason 7291 to love this place, I genuinely was not worried about whipping off the bikini top haha. No seriously, I have never gone that route before but was allergic to the thought of dodgy tan lines so feminists unite, burn the bikinis…or just whip them off haha…just make sure to SPF the sh*t out of yourself!!
Post eating our body weight in fruit…the best avocados I have ever eaten may I add, like I ate them with a spoon like mousse..we sped back to Sheniques, and got ready, hair washed and all, in 50 minutes for the amazing Amanyara.

AMANYARA…or AMEN HalleluRA…haha no seriously though?? Can you cope?? Cos we couldn’t. First of all, we are getting ready and I am sweating like a mother from the hairdryer and the stress of speedy face painting…pressure wasn’t making a diamond in this case. Then we hopped in the car, and the car won’t start…then a text arrives from someone it shouldn’t haha. It is times like this when you look at your travel twin and realise that even in these silly situations, you both just stare, breathe and reference the gratitude journal for blessed reminders.
So yes the car eventually started, the temperature cooled, and after we finally heard Halsey and Sam Smith for the 1400th time…the biggest hits on the local radio legit, we were en route to the ridiculous resort. So we thought Gansevoort was far west, this place is on the opposite corner and completely off the civilised circuit. Dirt tracks were driven down, and at times we were questioning our path, but obviously we made it there…thank duck…and got to witness the fitness in all its finery.

As you drive off the dirt track and up to a barrier, you are met by staff asking your business here…that is legit the level of discreet this place is. We had a dinner reservation for 7pm and it is before 5 so you can imagine they were judging our eager beaver ways haha. They kindly lifted the barrier and we parked our little wagon in the guest car park…as there was a Range Rover car park too…yeah it was the most upper class car park I have ever walked through…like I wasn’t even expensive enough to be present there haha. Past the park, we entered into paradise. Walking around we felt like we had landed in another
realm and reality was very far away.

Amanyara is set on 95 acres of land and offers guests a peaceful relaxing stay at a very very expensive price. Nicole genuinely priced it for arguments sake and for a standard room, you are talking at least 2500 for one night…yup one night!! And that is a week night…weekends can go up to 30000 a night. Side note: if anyone wants to fund this fantasy for us two, please feel free to slide into the DMs haha for reals.
So jokes aside, back to reality, this place is sensational, and truly the most beautiful
resort I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Like I thought our Positano Hotel was
breathtaking?? Well it was but this place left these two chatterboxes absolutely speechless. After we filled our camera rolls, we sat down to take in the sunset over sparkling sips. The staff could not have been more accommodating and treated us like the queens we were pretending to be. Seriously though, there wasn’t a hint of obnoxious behaviour from anyone on the resort and we were given more attention than ever desired or required. As it was our last night, we decided we would have a (gluten free) toast to commemorate this occasion, and we were treated to creatively concocted cocktails by the striking server. A bar cart was wheeled to our side and the specially made smoked tequila champagne delight with a twist of lemon peel was prepared in front of us for our entertainment. From the first sip, I was WEAK! Honestly tasted like San Pellegrino’s rebellious but chic older sister and the glass
was empty before I was ready haha. This, accompanied by complimentary canapés, made our sublime sunset scene a true evening to remember!

This whole free finger food pre meal thing was a trend throughout the holiday, and it was needed more than ever on this notable night as the rate at which that alcohol hit my blonde brain would have caused a serious loss of memory and sure we couldn’t have that now haha. They must have known I’d be all about the avo life as sure didn’t they plant plantain chips and guac in front of the two of us, and I nearly shed tears of joy upon tasting this tastebud tantaliser.
It wasn’t even the champers that make me so emotional and delira haha, it was genuinely the gift of free guac. I really don’t ask for much 🙂
Okay the alcohol was wearing off and the plate was licked…we physically would have licked it but in a place so poised, we could NOT let ourselves down :/ haha.
So as you can see from the pictures, which don’t even do it justice by the way, there was
nobody about. Apart from the odd couple, we had this particular area to ourselves and were fallen over continuously by the sensational staff. We were dressed well and sure they weren’t to know how much or how little money we had but to be treated so well is a testament to the level of professionalism on this palatial paradise.
Okay enough chat about the staff, christmas cards will be sent, and onto the reason we
went…destination dinner! At 7pm we sat down in our own private water front setting, with our personal waiter, and handed the most magical menu one could possibly be handed…do you see a theme here??

Before we ordered, the chef came out to speak with us and ask of an dietary requirements…he could smell the diva from the kitchen like…or any specific requests he could cater to. Ehm myself and Nicole fancy the pretentious pants off you pal so maybe serve yourself with some more of that guac on the side sound haha. Once it was declared that I was the diva who didn’t consume dairy or much else for that matter, he suggested the Thai Eggplant Spinach Masala packed full of vegetables with a side of rice, and we both jumped on that jovial gesture. Fresh vegan gluten free bread was delivered soon after, along with a spoonful of vegan soup to sample before our main meal. Again with the free food peeps, this island will not let one just enjoy one meal…all about the before and afters. The mains followed soon after and to say it was THE BEST CURRY I HAVE EVWER HAD would be a shocker would it?? Because it was…and I would love it now again as I sit here in rainy NYC drinking my overpriced au lait. I know poor me, I have it so tough haha tiny violins tiny violins. I did feel quite bad for our personal server as at the rate I drink water, the poor lad was over with that jug more times than he wanted to be and I’d say his fitbit hit a new personal best that day. I did apologise profusely after the fourteenth time but he insisted it was no
trouble and it was his pleasure but I genuinely did feel bad. He did present Nicole with a
plat full of chili from Cambodia and she was WEAK. He complimented her on her capacity for spice…whilst refilling the mild curry eater’s empty glass.
No room for dessert as per but I would have ordered that Avocado Vegan Ice Cream in a
heartbeat if I could have squeezed it in. We settled the less than shocking cheque, graciously accepted the extra breadrolls they packed away for us, and floated back to the car, food babies in tow. In the name of the food, the sun, and the holy guacamole, AMAN.


Our last day started like the two preceeding, and was just as perfect. GG melon munching with a side of caffeine, was blissful on our breathtaking beach, and we were near tears driving away from it one last time. We stopped at Island Raw to pick up plane snacks but on our arrival, we saw that it opened for two hours that week…TWO HOURS?? Their website says 12-2 daily…not two hours weekly so we had a little rant about it and returned to the little race car rental and zoomed home. Bags in the boot, slan to the stunning Shenique, we made our way back to Hertz and hopped on the plane back to the snowy Newark. Having the three seats to myself on the plane was a dream and I spent the 210 minutes laughing and learning about my favourite topic…skincare for anyone who doesn’t know me well…on The Skinny Confidential. Writing a new weekly faves blog post talking all things TSC so stay tuned for that.
We touched down, strolled through security, and before we knew it were shivering our suntans off in New Jersey. The two basic blondes were back with a bang and the remarkable rays penetrating our physiognomies hours earlier was a distant memory.


Turks & Caicos was truly the most magical melange of moments I will always treasure, and I still cannot believe that is me in those pictures, posing in those places…like I could not cope!! The beaming didn’t stop and even during that Saturday storm, I was happy to be in 26degrees and out of my puffer. Its the little things eh?!
Would I return? 100% and even though there are so many other places on my list, this island shall be revisited at my next opportunity. I have listed all of the details below so if you would like to book it, you can do so with ease and full clarity on the pricing.



We flew United Airlines direct from Newark Airport to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos: $240 return Friday morning to Tuesday evening; this gave us plenty of time to explore the island, and get a good tan to boot! I would recommend checking in a suitcase at the cost of $25 each way or $50 return. We could have easily used carry on baggage as realistically bikinis and summer clothes can be rolled up small, but for toiletries and extras, we thought best to fork out the extra 25 each and book a


Air BnB for the win. Nicole found Shenique on this amazing app and it was love at first site. This worked out so much cheaper than any hotels on the island and price excluded, we genuinely loved having the chats with our in house advisor. The house is stunning, so clean, and the private bathroom has such a great power shower to blast off the beach. She also has a hairdryer, a tonne of towels (both for beach and bath), and has two deck chairs available for beach use. Having the fridge was also a major plus as it allowed us to purchase extra groceries for our stay. If you wanted to even cook to keep costs down, this is also an option. Honestly we just used it to keep the fruit fresh, and protein bars frozen.
Click here to check out Shenique’s pad and to book it for yourself. She also provides hair and makeup, and styling services on the island. Please check out Sheque Style by clicking here, and treat yourself to an island shoot.


As mentioned throughout the post, we ate like royalty every night…but like peasants
throughout the day…let me explain. We could have easily eaten out for breakfast, lunch and dinner…but we didn’t want to. I would much rather a coffee and a bag of fruit on the beach, than sit in some place and get served the same, but on a plate, and pay tax and 12% service charge. Every morning we would go to Graceway Gourmet, very close to Shenique’s and the beach, and buy bottled water, bags of fruit and caffeine, and go on our merry way to the beach. I brought some of my favourite protein bars with me from NYC, and these came in handy in the afternoon for a pick me up, but other than that, GG was our saviour. You could easily go there at the start of your trip and buy fresh baguettes, eggs, fruit, or whatever your usual is, and prepare little picnics for the beach. This saves a lot and really does make the whole holiday more affordable; ensuring you and not your credit card is the only thing feeling the heat. Infiniti, Sui Ren, Stelle and Amanyara are the top restaurants on the island! Could we have dined cheaper?? Absolutely, but we went there to enjoy ourselves and we certainly did!! You
could choose other dining destinations, and some may be suited more to your particular taste.

The most I ever spent at dinner, including tip, was $90, and that was on our last night.
Expensive yes, but a night out in NYC would probably cost you more, so on the grand scale of things, pretty reasonable. Stelle worked out cheapest at the $30 mark…and it would have been a third less if I wasn’t addicted to SP haha.


I would highly recommend renting a car as without this, we would not have discovered J Cole Cove, or been able to get to Amanyara. We also packed it up everyday with our deck chairs, courtesy of our host, and all of the other things one might need for a day at the beach. Cost for 5 days: $148, plus $24 for petrol, plus $55 for insurance for five days
Divided by two it works out very inexpensive and even if it cost more, I would recommend you rent!


12% in T&C vs 20% in NYC very reasonable and you notice a big difference in your bill. We tipped pretty well none the less as you have probably guessed from above, the service was above and beyond.

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